Your fantasies are desperately trying to tell you something

At our core, we long to be known, inside and out, and not found wanting. Getting to that core is another story.

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Are you weird, bad, or deviant for liking what you like? Nope. It's a simple pattern of behavior, your psyche trying to establish balance. Read the Letters here.

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From empowerment workshops, discovering your erotic nature, and Fetish 101 classes, our team of collaborators is dedicated to education through PLAY.


Too busy to take a course or write a letter? No problem. We're constantly building bite-sized videos you can watch on the run.

I’m Devora Gray. With over ten years as a sex consultant, my mission is to teach you that fantasies are the key to a fulfilling life. With videos, sexual advice, and online workshops, I’m dedicated to helping you discover:

  • Why you want what you want
  • How to talk about it, and…
  • What Play looks like in the real world.
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Dear Sweet & Low Advice

When you decode the fantasy, you experience the reality.

A Is for Ass Worship and Asphyxiation

Why does the derriere hold such avid appeal? Why do we compare it to peaches, bubbles, and bookshelves? Why do some of us wish to worship it in less than hygienic ways? If you're a lover of ass, the why doesn't matter.

So You Want to Be a Dominatrix

"Don't quit your day job" is a catch-all when it comes to BDSM, not because a nice girl can't have the chops or beat down a 250-pound man. Most folks getting into kink want passion, excitement, and a break from boring. It's quite the mindf**k when a sweet-looking girl turns out to be methodically dirty, sadistic, and cruel.

The Size Queen Weighs In on SPH

The desire to be humiliated is pretty common. A boy or young man may think he is the only one who feels this way. It is a natural response to develop a humiliation fantasy as a coping mechanism. Bigger is better? Nope. Sometimes bigger is just bigger.


Why do we fantasize? What do our dreams say about us? What if we could tap into the power of our deepest desires without dismantling the security of the life we've built? A good sex consultant knows there is always a way. Contact us if you would like to learn more about any of our services.
One-on-One Consultations

One-on-One Consultations

Personalized Coaching

Find a slice of peace and a shred of calm. Set goals, create an action plan, and execute. Get a fresh perspective from a neutral source trained to locate trigger points and patterns of behavior.

Fantasy Analysis

Fantasy Analysis

Deep dive into the core of your desire

Our fantasies maintain equlibrium in a reality beyond our control, yet we veer away from understanding their source and meaning. Dispel the guilt. Order a detailed analysis and learn to utilize the power of your imagination.

Online & Live Classes

Online & Live Classes

Courses, Workshops, Webinars, Keynote Speaking

Devora is an engaging presence who offers scintillating sessions with insights into fantasies and relationships. Check out her online fetish webinar for an example.

Custom Audio Recordings

Custom Audio Recordings

Guided Meditation, Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Scripts

Your brain is unique when it comes to motivation, affirmation, and the “best” of life. Get a custom NLP/hypnosis experience without leaving the comfort of your headphones.

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