The Size Queen Weighs In on SPH

The desire to be humiliated is pretty common. A child may think he is the only one who feels this way. For adolescents and young men, it just gets worse, especially if they were never given proper sex education. It is a natural response to develop a humiliation fantasy as a coping mechanism.

The Rules of Role Play

Here are some roleplay rules to keep you on the path of playful enlightenment. For most, talking about their sexual fantasies elicits the same anxiety as public speaking or dreaming of going to school in underpants. Your place in the scope of time and space is a precarious thing. So why not have fun with it?

The Hero vs. The Villain

When all we really want to do is live long and prosper, the quest for supremacy, security, purpose, and pain-avoidance continues undefiled. Yet there stands a shadowy figure, ready to defeat the evil forces of boredom, compliance, and indifference. This is how COSPLAY gives us power to defeat the DARK SIDE.